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Thomas Edison
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We are fascinated by the beginning and the creative thought that transforms into reality. We savour everyday life and work that can be improved and are fascinated by its sustainable progression. This is how we look at our team and the people who surround us. We are committed to friendly relationships and building employee bonds based on understanding and working towards the same goal. We focus on employees' personal culture and unwritten rules of ethics because we adhere to the principle of respect in business and interpersonal relations. Thus, professional experience, openness, empathy, passion and love in the lives of our employees is the key that opens the doors of our company principles.

The driving force behind AutoComfort is its skilled staff

Tomasz Gałązka


Logistics and key account contact specialist

Founder of AutoComfort

Originator and founder of AutoComfort. Transport manager with an international CPC certificate, among others Transport Specialist for the Spanish national team EURO 2012, Logistics Specialist during the IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships 2014, VIP contact specialist, Coordinator and event logistician, car enthusiast, aesthete. Advocate of high quality products, co-creator and creator of modern vehicle body designs for VIPs, good organiser and reliable person.

A follower of an ideology based on a stable and long-term process of building a business, promoting the principle of a “sustainable company”. On a daily basis, a modest owner of AutoComfort company. A photographer – a graduate of the Sopot School of Photography, a co-founder of the AFTER photo collective and one of the authors of photographs for the AfterbySopot album, a concert photographer, in his soul music plays, lighting up the image with a thousand colours, but paradoxically, a classic artist by avocation, a portraitist in love with black and white plastic photography. A lover of velvety melting sounds, privately a loving father and husband.

Tomasz Gałązka President AutoComfort

Anita Gałązka

Office manager

Logistics specialist

She joined the AutoComfort team in 2014 as an office worker. Over a period of four years, she developed her competences and is now office manager and logistics specialist. On a daily basis, she arranges drivers’ schedules, working times and deals with a wide range of human resources. Anita is the pillar of the company and the good energy driving us to create a beautiful reality. It is her voice that you hear on the phone when you need to modify the schedule or stand on your head and do the impossible. Anita is an oasis of calm with the incarnate vigour to motivate us to do great things. Privately, a mum of two little urchins and a caring wife, a lover of good books, richly flavoured healthy cuisine and beautiful classical photography.

Łukasz Skulimowski


Lukasz is a driver by passion. He consciously chose this profession because he was passionate about motoring from a young age. With over 20 years’ experience, he has climbed all possible career ladders and is now at the stage of enjoying his work, which is also his passion. He enjoys driving coaches. He is not in competition with other drivers, he is aware of his competences and humbled by the profession he practises. Contact with passengers gives him great joy. He also takes great pleasure when satisfied passengers talk passionately and enthusiastically about the journeys he has taken them on. He is an experienced, attentive and foresighted driver. He likes a challenge. He feels like a fish in water when dealing with our demanding customers. He carries out his work with the utmost care and commitment.

Łukasz has been a volleyball fan since he was a child, he enjoys putting together puzzles and playing board games. He devotes his free time to his daughters and wife.

portret profesjonalnego kierowcy

Jarosław Kałduński


Jarek is a modest, reserved and discreet person. He has many passions and interests. He is always eager to learn new skills and explore new areas. He has many certificates of good driving and has a lot of experience in driving different types of vehicles. In addition, he speaks English at a very good level.

Jarek is a person who cares about a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. He dreams of owning a plot of land in the forest where he can develop his passions and interests. He is interested in natural building and renewable energy sources. He listens to jazz, soul and folk music.

Andrzej Jeszke


Andrew is a thorough and clever man with varied interests. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess and billiards. At AutoComfort, he is a daily driver whom we appreciate for his skills and qualities that translate into the quality of his work.

Mateusz Gałązka


His adventure with motoring has been going on for many years. Even as a young boy, he trained in kart rallying and took part in many competitions. Car school developed his passion and he supports us on the technical side with the skills he has acquired.

Mati is a very good driver with an emphasis on driving technique. This is not surprising, as he has received a lot of training in this area and passed his exams with distinction.

He is a modest, cultured and reserved person.

Mateusz Galazka pro driver

Andrzej Lisiecki


A professional in every sense. His stoic calm and unperturbed outlook on life has made us realise time and time again that no matter how difficult, the job is always done perfectly. Andrzej is a driver for special tasks, a man with a positive disposition and a master steering wheel.

In addition to driving, his passion is mechanics. Assembling and disassembling engines in cars. Privately, a happy husband and father.

Artur Kuchta


Arthur is a true car enthusiast for whom everything revolves around vehicles. He is a trained car mechanic and holds a driving licence for all vehicle categories. Therefore, as an experienced driver, he is able to ensure our passengers have a safe and comfortable journey.

Arthur is also a family-oriented and smiling man with a high personal culture. In his spare time, he takes his wife for motorbike rides or goes on longer journeys with the whole family. A fan of southern climates, which he got to know well while travelling through Italy and Croatia.

He likes good food and cinema, preferably in arthouse cinemas. He is a person who knows how to enjoy life and how to make the most of every moment.

Jakub Kowalik


Pleasant, calm and balanced. A man with a positive disposition and stoic calm, and a very good driver with a high level of culture. While waiting for guests, you will often find him with a book. He enjoys good music and fascinating conversations. He continued his career in the UK as a bus driver, where he perfected his English. Your journey with Kuba will be relaxed and your driving technique exemplary.

Chrystian Sobolewski


A calm and trusted driver who has worked for our company for several years, he specialises in event services. He is experienced as a runner for very demanding concerts and as a personal driver for artists. His life is made up of rock beats, and in his spare time he enjoys riding his Harley or taking walks with his two tiny children. An exemplary dad, he can spend half a day in the sandbox with them.

Jacek Jasiński

Driver of all categories


Professional driver for more than 20 years. His greatest pleasure comes from driving a fire engine, but driving coaches goes just as well. He has been supporting us with his experience and sense of humour for years.
Jacek appreciates the idyllic life outside the city and a healthy, active lifestyle. A man full of passion and a desire to help others. In addition to his professional work, he is a firefighter and an honorary blood donor. A happy husband and father.

Marek Kędra



A person with a great distance to himself and the surrounding world. An experienced driver who knows how to remain calm and concentrated in difficult situations. A keen fireman in the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Sopot. Loving father and husband.

Przewóz osób AutoComfort

Maciej Bąk

Driver of all categories

Driver of all categories with extensive experience on “long vehicle” vehicles. In our company since 2018. Started as a driver of a 20 passenger bus. In a short period of time became the driver of a new custom-designed 20-passenger bus as a dedicated driver for VIP groups. His exemplary driving technique and his love of the ‘wheel’ has seen him move up the vehicle hierarchy and he is now a daily driver of a 14-metre tour bus, and in his spare time he supports his colleagues during event services with smaller vehicles. Maciej is a calm, cheerful, dutiful and very helpful driver. You can always count on his support and brilliance. A father of five kids and an exemplary husband.

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