Mercedes V – Avantgarde

number of seats - 5+1
brown leather upholstery on all seats, black ceiling
4 commander seats - heated, ventilated with armrests
dvd, cd, mp3, usb, monitor, TV tuner, HI-END sound system (Burmester)
panoramic tinted windows, panoramic roof
electrically opening doors on both sides of the car
conference setting (table, commode chairs)
PRE SAFE - The PRE-SAFE occupant protection system can recognise dangerous driving situations early on and trigger procedures to protect the occupants. These include a seatbelt tensioning function and placing the seats in a favourable position during an accident to the closing of open windows and roof.
Side wind gust assist - If the car slips out of its lane due to a gust of wind, the V-classa will automatically correct the incident preventing it from falling off the road.
Exterior lighting system (ILS): Front: -Led intelligent light system: Intelligent and adaptive road lighting system that adapts to its surroundings. Rear: -Adaptive and active led stop light to inform the rear driver of sudden braking.

Functional limousine with conference setting

In the Van class, hailed as a luxurious spacious, functional limousine. Vehicle individually configured for our company by the Mercedes headquarters in Poland. The maximally equipped version with all the high-tech solutions, the selection of high-quality materials create unparalleled luxury and guarantee safety.

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